Google Spreadsheet

1.Google spread sheet is used as a usual work sheet that other people can work on as well as yourself.

2.We used it to give information to someone.

3. To work in groups instead of using the same computer you can write at the same time.

4. 7E is the better class because we may have more stamps which means either we work better in classes or we work well together.

Reliable and Unreliable websites.

Some reliable websites are like, actual place websites like the Puma website which is selling puma shoes and products other ones like Wikipedia which has made websites such as Calling a Koala a Cannibal. You can find these out by misspelt words and wrong information. Because it sells products and its an actual company. (unreliable.) Wikipedia has been wrong many times, information and misspelt words are found, and Edit Source button is near the right hand corner.

Cyber Safety

Today we learnt more about not giving personal information to things in the cyber world, many people believe they are smarter than that but you have seen many girls/boys that have been taken and killed by giving their info ( e.g. Address,Phone number, etc.) and being cyber bullied for giving their passwords out. ( for blogs, emails, accounts ect.)